Important settings to secure your Instagram account

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Instagram is the best platform to showcase your talent. you can share high-quality photos, videos on this social media platform. It connects you to your friends, family & the rest of the world, but it could also open the risks to lose your privacy. Though you can protect your privacy and use the most what Instagram offers. So the first question that comes in our mind is how to secure an Instagram account, and there are a few tips to protect your privacy on Instagram. In this blog, you came to know about the import Privacy settings of Instagram. Those are –How to change your Personal account to a Private account? How to disable your video chat option on Instagram? How to shift any ones account from primary to general.? How to enable two-factor authentication?

The growth of Instagram gives a threat to your privacy, but you can secure your Instagram account by changing the settings of your Instagram account

How to change your Personal account to a Private account.

  • At first go to settings of your Instagram account .
  • Then go to privacy tab.
  • After that go to Account privacy .
  • Then click the button and your account become Private.
  • Nobody can see your pic with out your permission.

How to disable your video chat option on Instagram?

  • At first go to to settings of your Instagram account .
  • After that go to Notification settings .
  • Then goes to Direct message tab .
  • At last goes to video chat ,& change it to “NOBODY”

How to shift any ones account from primary to general?

If someone disturbs you then just shift your Account to general, from there you didn’t get any kind of notifications.

  • Click the account whom you want to shift you will get an option to move it, General.
  • Click it and that Account will shift to general.

This blog gives you tricks to secure Your profile

||import Privacy settings of Instagram explained ||

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two  Factor Authentication for mobile device authentication. Basically, it will add an extra layer of protection to your account.

Why should someone enable Two Factor Authentication?

Two  Factor Authentication will make your account more secure, it will reduce fraud’s risk and make it difficult for cybercriminals to breach your account. its purpose is to make attackers’ life hard.

To know more about Two Factor Authentication

click here

Check Instagram help center for more

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