Trieste Photo Young 2021

Trieste Photo Young 2021

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Trieste Photo Young is a new FREE contest dedicated to photographers under 30, promoted by the cultural association dotART along with the assistance of “Fondazione Pietro Pittini” and in collaboration with PAG – Progetto Area Giovani (Municipality of Trieste), within the international festival Trieste Photo Days 2021.

Trieste Photo Young 2021
Trieste Photo Young 2021


  • Deadline
  • Who may enter?
  • Competition Details
  • Selection and Contest
  • Photo guidelines
  • Technical characteristics of the images
  • Entry fees
  • Prizes
  • Exhibition
  • Competition website


4 July 2021

Who may enter?

The competition is open to young people aged between 18 and 30.

Competition Details

The competition is organized by the cultural association dotART based in Trieste, Italy.

 Each author may participate with just one photography: one shot, one chance!

The theme is adjusted to your liking. Each participant is free to add their own style to the work, as well as to choose the photo that suits them best. They prefer street photography, architectural photography, and social reportage, but we also like quality photos characterized by an original and personal gaze on the urban environment.

Selection and Contest

The contest is divided into two parts:

  • Phase 1: Group stage
  • Phase 2: Knockout stage (along the lines of the World Cup)

You will be able to follow the evolution of the contest on the website, where the various stages of the competition will be published, and the rankings updated as the jury votes.

Phase 1
Group stage. A wide selection of photos, chosen by the dotART and PAG staff, will enter this phase.
The system will randomly distribute the photos into 16 rounds (if possible, the number of photos will be the same for each round and will vary according to the number of participants).
The jury’s vote in Phase 1 will take the first 2 photos in each group (32 photos in total) to the next phase.

Phase 2
This phase is a knockout stage along the lines of the World Cup. A series of matches will be played between the first and second-placed photos of different groups, and the winner will be chosen by an ever-changing group of jurors.
The winning photos of each match will compete in the next phase, according to the grid: Sixteenth, Eighth, and Fourth Finals.
Voting for the Semi-final and the Final will take place live during Trieste Photo Days, where the jurors will decide the winning photo in front of the audience and in the presence of the authors.
The date and place will be announced in the aftermath.

Photo guidelines

  • We accept both color and black-and-white photos.
  • Post-production is allowed.
  • Photos with signatures, watermarks, frames, or markings visible on the image won’t be allowed.
  • Photos or images deemed offensive are not allowed, in accordance with the sensitivity and indisputable judgment of the jury.

Technical characteristics of the images

  • Jpg format
  • RGB color method
  • Each individual file must be less than 9 MB
  • Smallest side’s minimum size: 2000 px / Longest side’s maximum size: 6000 px
  • The filename (filename.jpg) must not contain any special characters (accent marks, apostrophes, symbols, etc.).

Entry fees

The competition is free to enter.


The four semi-finalists will be hosted for 3 nights in Trieste to attend the final.
The winner will be awarded with an Amazon voucher of 500 €. The other three semi-finalists will receive a medal as honourable mentions.
The 32 photos will be exhibited during the international festival Trieste Photo Days 2021.


The 32 photos classified in the Sixteenths will be exhibited from the 26th of October to the 7th of November 2021 at the group exhibition Trieste Photo Young 2021 in a venue to be defined.
The exhibition will also host a selection of works by authors under 30 from other photographic projects carried out by the dotART association.

Competition website

For further information visit the official competition website.

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